– Restaurant & Pub Mtn Site for Barker Pub

Giving your restaurant a website is a great way to show your customers what your business is all about. That is exactly what we did for The team at Mtn Sites loves having the opportunity to put all your restaurant’s highlights into a professionally tailored and eye-catching design for you and your customers. You can trust us to build and maintain your online presence so you can get back to running your restaurant with passion.

Check out a few of the key features we focused on while helping tailor this unique design.


In a pub that keeps the lights low for aesthetic, it can be a challenge to take crisp, defined photos. True Mtn Marketing has a team of trained photographers to perfectly capture your business’s products and style. Mtn Sites built a gallery of professional quality images that give website visitors an accurate preview of the atmosphere they’ll experience upon entering Barker Pub.

Review Slider

Your most flattering reviews come from a variety of websites like Yelp, Google or Facebook. On your business’s Mtn Site, we can help you showcase all the best customers reviews in one spot with our review slider. Your favorite reviews are typically placed on the homepage so website visitors don’t have to go far to see why customers love your restaurant.

Easy to Update Menus

You wouldn’t expect an average pub to serve breakfast, but Barker Pub does! Mtn Sites created a page on this website to let it be known that Barker Pub offers a wide variety of breakfast items, and even a Bloody Mary Bar. Their daily menu and specials are also just as easy to find. Barker Pub changes their menu with the seasons, so it is expected that the online menu changes appropriately. These pages can all be edited quickly and easily by the staff without ever having to submit a request from Mtn Sites.

Search Engine Optimization

Having the correct contact information online is an essential for any business. Mtn Sites makes sure that your business’s address and phone number are at the footer of each webpage for accurate search engine results. All Mtn Sites are built with fast load times which is also great when it comes to SEO. We want to make sure when people search a restaurant locally, the correct information is linked in.

Visit Barker.Pub to see how it turned out.

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