– Restaurant Mtn Site for Chop House on Wicker

Mtn Sites and Restaurants go hand in hand. We love creating unique looks for the industry. We were approached by our friends at Chop House On Wicker right before they opened their doors to help them launch a new site and get it in front of the local area surrounding them.

When it comes to a restaurant website, we believe the focus should always be on two key areas, the menu, and directions. Why? Because most users visit the site to see what is offered, and then follow that up by looking for a way to get to the location or call and book a reservation. We kept this in mind as we laid out the tailored Mtn Site design. Mtn Site Key Features

Mobile Friendly

If a potential customer is looking for somewhere to eat, it is most likely from their smartphone. We made sure the site was fully optimized for mobile so that if someone opened their site they could easily navigate to their menu or find out their address with ease.

Clean Design

The focus is getting users to easily read a menu and get into the restaurant. We went in with that in mind and kept the fonts bold and to the point, and kept their copy optimized to be as short and to the point as possible.

Video Slider

When the site is opened, we wanted to give a unique video slider showing a few small plates and movement. Our goal was to create a feeling of hunger in people in the event they looked up Chop House On Wicker during lunch time. Great photography and video can really instill an emotion into users, in our case we want “I am hungry, that looks good!”

Fast Load Times

Since we know most restaurants will get a high amount of mobile traffic, we had to optimize the site to load fast so if someone was not on a Wifi network, they could quickly load the site on their phone and see the menu, get directions, or call for a reservation. On average their site loads in less than 1.5 second. Great for user experience, as well as SEO.

Selling Gift Cards

The Chop House On Wicker team wanted the ability to sell gift cards directly from their site. We were able to integrate this and allow users to pick a card, checkout, and have the card code emailed directly to them so they can bring it in while they eat and use it with ease. The entire process is very smooth and helps Chop House expand their sales via their site.

We highly recommend selling gift cards on websites for all restaurants.

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