ElSaltoRestaurant.com – Restaurant & Cantina Mtn Site for El Salto

According to reviews, El Salto has excellent chefs, top-notch customer service, and clean restaurants. Here at Mtn Sites, we knew their website had to reflect the business. This “Best of the Region” restaurant has an online presence that is unique and true to El Salto’s style. Not only does this Mtn Site display crisp photos of El Salto’s mouth watering dishes, but also features directions to their seven locations and easy-to-find menus. Check out some of this sites key features.

Food Menu

A refreshingly readable design. Too often a user will search online for a menu and find a low quality snapshot of a grubby, unorganized list. Mtn sites goes the extra mile to present a quality digital menu that is simple, yet well designed.

Video Slider

Why search a restaurant’s website if you’re not hungry? El Salto features a wide variety of dishes and beverages so Mtn Sites put the best on display in a tasteful video slider on their homepage. The moment a customer views this enticing video slider, they can’t get chips & guacamole off their minds. The video slider is a great tool for roping in customers.

Catering Requests

Putting in a catering request doesn’t have to involve a 20 minute phone call. This could take away from a busy staff’s responsibilities to tend to their customers who are dining in. With the help of Mtn Sites, the staff can continue on serving the customers, and those in need of catering services can find in-depth information at https://www.elsaltorestaurant.com/catering/. Catering prices and menu items, extra offers, and even a digital catering request form can help any restaurant provide excellent customer service.

Visit ElSaltoRestaurant.com to see how it turned out.

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