– Coffee Shop Mtn Site for Lil Coffee Cabin

If you have multiple locations for your store, you need a website that clearly guides people to them. Our friends at Lil Coffee Cabin came to us to help revamp the look of their site and get it ready for future growth as the company has been actively expanding. Previously they were on Squarespace and self managed their entire site but no longer had the time to keep up with it anymore as they had to focus on their business. That’s where we came in! New look, new features, and a plan for future growth. Mtn Site Key Features

Mobile responsive

Their entire site can be navigated with a smartphone or tablet with ease. This is important as a majority of their customers are from mobile as they may be out shopping or traveling looking for a local shop to get coffee! The entire interface is built around mobile.

Easy to update content

They have a great menu that updates regularly. The new site allows them to easily make changes to it if need be. More importantly, they are expanding to new locations. Adding a new location is as simple as logging into their tailored backend and typing in the locations address and information.

High End Content

Our parent company, True Mtn Marketing, was able to run out to their location and film a quick custom video slider for their homepage. This was to help set them apart from any local competition and give them a unique style that people would notice when opening the site from both desktop AND mobile. If you need content creation such as video production, photography, or design work, visit

Web Animations

There is animation to introduce content such as text and images while you scroll. This is just a small feature that helps the look really come together. Every Mtn Site is built from the ground up, so we like to add small touches here and there with animation to really set them apart even more.

Fast load times!

When it comes to people wanting coffee, they need to look up information FAST! This site has seen an average load time between 0.5-1 second! This helps for user experience as well as Search Engine Optimization.

Visit to see their unique look!

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