– Car Wash Mtn Site for Easy Clean Car Wash

A car wash is generally a quick process and customers rarely have a reason to stick around long enough to consume information about special offers. Having a website for your car wash business opens the door for deeper connection with your customer base. This Mtn Site features the many layers of Easy Clean Car Wash.

Gift Cards

At this site, a visitor can buy gift cards online which will be shipped the next business day. This secure Mtn Site runs on trustworthy software that makes purchasing gift cards a breeze.

Weekly Email Blast

Mtn Sites and Easy Clean work together to make sure all the loyal customers receive weekly emails. In these emails, customers are updated on offers and they can view the 12 lucky winners who receive free washes for a month. Email blast is the perfect way to extend rewards to those who follow your business. This website component can be incorporated into any Mtn Sites design.


A simple way to let your customers know you’re hiring is with a downloadable employment application. This option is found on the menu bar and can help make the hiring process simple.

Mobile Friendly

If you’re Google searching for a car wash, chances are high that you’re in a car using a cell phone to search. This website is mobile friendly and allows the user to find the nearest location in a matter of seconds.

Easy to Locate FAQs

Many pages on this site include a helpful section of frequently asked questions. Whether you’re looking to fundraise with Easy Clean, purchase a Fast Pass or request a charitable donation, Easy Clean answers all of your questions with this Mtn Sites element.

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