– Event Based Mtn Site for St. John Oktoberfest 2018

Looking to promote your event? Mtn Sites have proven to be a great way of going about this. We had the opportunity to help develop the new look for and on creating a look that helped people easily get an idea of what the event had to offer, be able to find details on their mobile devices or tablets, and create an easy to update platform so their team could take over updates. Mtn Site Key Features

Mobile Friendly

The new St. John Oktoberfest Mtn Site had to be mobile friendly. When it comes to events, many users find it while sitting on their phones from a Facebook or social event invite. A majority of these users come from mobile so we knew the site had to be easy to navigate from smart phones and tablets. We made sure the menu and information for the time of the event, location, and event features were very clear right away!

Easy to update

Every Mtn Site comes integrated with our front end page editor. This means we were able to hand the site over to the St. John Oktoberfest team and allow them to easily make changes to images, times, event listings, and even more without having to have coding knowledge. With events, we know things can change on the fly. Updating a website to show whether a time has changed or a band/event is cancelled should be the first thing happening and with our editor we give teams the ability to quickly make these updates.

Fast Load Times

With wanting to keep mobile friendly in mind, we knew the site had to load fast so anyone not on wifi would not leave it while they sat around waiting for it to load. We optimized the images, videos, and backend code to help make sure the site would load with ease. On average we see a full load time between 2-2.5 seconds. A quick loading site keeps users engaged and have them interacting with your information more. Great designs are awesome, but useless if your site can’t load.

This site took on 4 business days to design, tweak, and have fully launched!

Visit to see how it turned out.

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