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Our very own parent company, True Mtn Marketing, is built on all of the same platform and back end development tools as all of our Mtn Sites. We believe in practicing what you preach! The power of Mtn Sites is absolutely great so for 2019 we were able to launch a brand new look for the Marketing Agency focusing on a few specific needs. Mtn Site Key Features

Mobile Friendly

The True Mtn website had to be optimized completely for mobile use. With 70% of traffic in 2018 coming from mobile devices, we rebuilt the new look tailored to mobile users. When opened it shows clean, easy to read text, images optimized to the screen size, and quick load times so the site would load with ease on Wifi and also mobile LTE networks while outside.

Data Tracking

Making a change to a company website can be stressful, but with data you can make a decision that matches your users. For example above, we know 70% of the True Mtn traffic in 2018 was mobile, so we spent a lot of time optimizing the site even more than before around the mobile experience. For 2019, we integrated more tracking into how users interact with and will be able to analyze the data actively on a month to month basis as needed to make continued improvements.

Easy to update

The True Mtn old website was already on WordPress, but on an outdated platform. It used an integration called “Visual Composer” which was clunky, slow, and difficult to make changes you actually needed done. We put in our new Mtn Site Front End Editor and now changes are as simple as pulling up the website, clicking the text or image you want to change, and swapping it out.

Faster Load Times

As mentioned above, older plugins that were integrated to the WordPress site were causing load times to be as slow as 8-9 seconds. With the new Mtn Sites integrations we were able to set up new rules and get that load time under 2 seconds, and even occasionally as low as 0.5 second! Great for SEO, even better for user experiences.

Clean Design

We went with fonts that were big and bold, similar to the True Mtn logo. We cleaned up the headers and main fonts as well to make everything as easy to read from a visual point as possible. Then we came in and cleaned up the wording. The old homepage for example had 750 words, and on average users only spend 28 seconds on it. Our educated guess was they were NOT staying to read everything so we went through and cut down the wording in half and tried to clarify what services were being offered in simple, clean sentences.

After we fixed the copy, we spend time getting all of the imagery and video together. We LOVE video sliders. A large majority of our Mtn Sites launched recently all have them integrated. They offer a unique look at a business or service. True Mtn luckily is a content creation company, so getting a great video to go on the site was easy!

The site took roughly 3 business days to redesign, tweak, and launch.

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